Director, DP, & Photographer, Marcus Hansen, has a keen eye for design, whether in a deliberate setting or on the go, motion picture or still photography. It is his photojournalistic instincts, honed with extensive travel throughout the world that clearly showcases how he best captures the moment. Whether the setting is natural or manufactured, he can make even the most simple moments, beautiful. 

Marcus' ability as a director and photographer allow for a cohesion within all platforms. In his IKEA campaign you will see a series of short spots that work perfectly for TV and online. His photography is also used for ad campaigns as well as catalog. His choreographic use of motion control, framing, sound design, choice of music, and editing showcases his style of modern simplicity. 

He is also an incredible person to know and work with, Marcus enchants with the wisdom, professionalism, and kindness of an old friend.



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