It is evident upon viewing Agust’s work, that this native Icelander knows a thing or two about the elegance and eloquence of beauty.

The evidence is clearly presented in his exquisite body of work; the choice of camera movements, the selection of locations, his casting… all point to a director that pushes himself, and those around him, to achieve greatness.

Equally sought after for his automobile spots, be they long form or short form commercials, he is also in high demand for his beauty work, as well as his natural directing of children. All have an unparalleled quality, whether cinematic or performance-wise, that set him apart among the great directors of the world. 

Having studied Film and Photography at Columbia University, among other places, Agust’s work showcases his love of aesthetics and elegant narrative.

He has directed for the world’s most renowned brands, including Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, McDonald's, Schweppes, VW, Playstation, Vicks, to name but a few.

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