Atlanta- The "City in the woods", is a thriving metropolis, that happens to be nestled in a thick canopy of trees. With its mild winters and summers, and beautiful scenery, Atlanta is now rivaling and in some cases surpassing Vancouver (BC) and LA (CA) for the sheer amount of film and commercial productions it is hosting. Thanks to a very well thought out tax rebate, a swarm of talent, from all crew positions, to actors, and equipment vendors, have moved into the city in the last 7 years, brought in by the multitude of series and shows produced locally. Over 4 billion USD have been spent in the Georgia in the last few years on production. This has given Atlanta a caliber of crew that is among the best, if not the best, in the world. 

So much so that Pinewood Studio recently opened the largest sound stages in the all of the Americas, in the Atlanta. No wonder Georgia is now #1 in production nationally. 

From its diverse array of locations, forests, modern downtown, to classic Americana architecture, small town neighborhoods, coupled with the famous "southern charm", and an incredible actor pool, Atlanta is worth looking into for your next production.

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