Argentina - It is one of our places. Buenos Aires in particualr, which is a mix of Paris, Milan, Madrid, all in one. The most European of Latin American cities, Buenos Aires has everything you can need and want. From 5 star hotels, top restaurants, it is a city that you never want to leave. After the US, Argentina is probably the country where we have shot the most, and there is a reason for this, as it has some of the best crew, and artists of anywhere in the world, no par with Cape Town and second only to LA, NYC, Vancouver, London. It is a city that lends itself easily to pass for others, as we have successfully made it into NYC, and Paris. Its model talent pool will satisfy even the most complicated clients. It is also a place that lives for the night. With its splendid food, lovely people, and beautiful parks and neighborhoods, it is a great place to spend a few days when shooting a project. This along with Argentina's beautiful natural features is a place rish in locations. 

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