“…exquisite...”, “…enveloping”,”…driven by emotion". These are some of the adjectives used by critics, (including The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Video Ink, and Spain’s ABC, among many other) when describing Cristina’s work.

Undoubtedly her film school education, as well as her cinematographer's background provide her with a lot of the strength and foundation she brings forth as a filmmaker. But to subscribe her talent to just education and experience is to deny the tenacity and raw instinct she displays on set: she is a born filmmaker, plain and simple.

From her award winning short films, among them “Beyond Memories” for Lexus and The Weinstein Company. “Te Vás” which has won over 15 festival awards, including the prestiguos Locarno Film Festivalto her successful Coca Cola, Nokia and Ford advertising campaigns, her work (feature or advertising) offers an emotional and visually rich palette to convey a message.

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