Cristina Molino is a feature, commercial, music video and award winning director. One notable win was with her short film “Beyond Memories” for Lexus and The Weinstein Company. Sophie (main character) believes that forgetting is the only way of moving on with her life, but one day she realizes she can't make memories from a previous life completely disappear. All those memories are still there, hidden inside her mind. 

Te Vás” which has won over 15 festival awards, is about Silvia which has been trapped for a long time in a world she wants to escape from, but today is a different day. She has made a decision: her life will change. This might be her only chance to succeed.

In her advertising campaigns with Coca ColaNokia and Ford, her work (feature or advertising) offers an emotional and visually rich palette to convey a message.

“…exquisite...”, “…enveloping”,”…driven by emotion". These are some of the adjectives used by critics, (including The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Video Ink, and Spain’s ABC, among many other) when describing Cristina’s work.

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