Born in France, but raised and educated in the US, current L.A. resident, Director and Photographer Dominique Palombo has a unique visual style that evoques the elegance of his place of origin, with the dynamism of the place of his upbringing. 

His work places emphasis on movement, timing and expressiveness. Be it the dance between the camera and the subject, or the synchronization of events, sequences, and actions which together create a singularly dynamic and poetic visual style. He is both extremely modern, fast and structured, yet, he presents it in a way that conveys spontaneous and one of a kind action. 

We are proud to present Dominique for Mono and Propel

* the photos in the collage above are by Dominique Palombo.

The 2 videos below are personal demos done by Domonique for and in relation to his fitness obsession. They are not for a client, and are simple production-wise, but he has requested they be included here since he wishes to highlight his personal love with fitness and sports.