Like many great directors, Don came up through the ranks of crew; from grip, coordinator, production manager, and then assistant director, until he made his jump to Directing when he joined Brickyard, some 20 years ago. As such, he has a deep understanding, not only of the creative and technical process, but also of the collaborative effort that making a good commercial/film takes. His relaxed set manners perfectly denote his experience, while his demeanor puts everyone at ease. This is made possible due to his meticulous planning, his thorough attention to preparation and details, all of which is designed to allow him the time and space on set to create, along with the actors, the rewarding performance that he is known for. The WONDERFUL team is proud to call Don a friend, (our founders having produced for him in the past), and as such we are thrilled to welcome him to his new but also quite familiar home. 

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