Joao's films are dynamic, but never overwhelming. A director with a strong narrative background, which is the foundation of his work, but one that marries this with a unique visual sophistication. His work philosophy, just as his life philosophy, is to always immerse himself with the latest, to be open to new ideas and trends, but to always incorporate the new with the tried and true.

His style is vividly Portuguese (his homeland), yet his unique traits of raw beauty are surely inspired by his birthplace, Mozambique... all garnished with the flavors of his adopted home, Brazil, and its love of life.

A former J.W. Thompson Art Director, he left the agency world to study filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. His 1st feature film, 2011’s  “America” won multiple awards, including the Best Director prize of the 15th Sofia International Film Festival. He also happens to be a wonderful friend.

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