Miami - the Magic City. It is easy to see why we chose Miami as our headquarters. It is a vibrant city, exploding with culture and new experiences. Miami is no longer the sleepy winter haven it used to be, the place where northerners would escape to during the long winter, only to abandon it in the summer. 

Miami is now an exciting, cosmopolitan, and extremely energetic city, one that on a daily basis is re-inventing itself.  With the new Frost Science Museum, Perez Art Museum, and our internationally known Wynwood Walls there is always something fun to do. Famous for its wonderful night life, incredibly exotic restaurants, world class hotels and resorts, it is a place where walking in the street exposes you to more languages than a visit to the UN. It is also brimming with filmmaking talent, diverse locations and a crew worthy of a major film center. Miami is more than beaches, as our projects for Olay, Toyota, Crest, Head & Shoulders, Citroën, Sony, can attest to... in fact, we have rarely shot in the stereo-typical beach setting, yet, it's quite calming and reassuring knowing that once camera wraps, our white sand beach and turquoise waters, await you... or as Ana likes to call the beach: her "office".

With sophisticated crews, the latest equipment, a vast selection of talent, and and an iconic look, Miami is worth considering for your project.

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