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Director Rodrigo Cortés with actress Uma Thurman, on the set of his upcoming feature film "Down A Dark Hall" currently in post-production.


The work of director Rodrigo Cortés will soon be seen, once again, in theaters, in the form of another suspenseful feature film.

Cortés, who previously wrote and directed the mega hit "Buried", starring Ryan Reynolds, which gripped audiences with its claustrophobic tension, as well as his follow up "Red Lights" starring Robert Deniro, Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, which showed his Hitchcock-esque mastery of suspense, knows a thing or two about keeping his audience guessing and in constant tension.

His new feature is based on the famous 1974 novel by Lois Duncan, "Down A Dark Hall" is exactly the type of suspense and nail bitting drama audiences and critics alike have come to expect from the director.  The film rights were acquired by Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer to be produced by Fickel Fish with distribution from Lionsgate.

This time, the Galician director turned to venerable Hollywood star Uma Thurman ("Kill Bill", "Pulp Fiction", "Gattaca", "The Avengers"), as well as up and coming actresses AnnaSophia Robb ("Charlie And The Chocolate Factory") and Isabelle Fuhrman ( "The Hunger Games" and "Orphan") where chosen for his cast.

Shot on location in Barcelona and the Canary Islands on a script by screenwriter Chris Sparling and a draft by Michael Goldbach, "The story follows the newest student at a boarding school who confronts the darkly seductive powers of the headmistress and comes face to face with the supernatural abilities that could make her all-powerful or destroy her." *

Actor Cillian Murphy (left), and actress Sigourney Weaver (right) playfully trying to scare director Rodrigo Cortés.

As Ann Hornaday writes for The Washington Post in her review of Rodrigo’s work: “...Buried delivers the kind of immediate experience too often missing in movies that are simply pictures of people talking… it represents cinema at its most intensely physical and psychological….Cortés's ingenious visual and sound design are plunged into the protagonist's plight with claustrophobic verisimilitude."

Rodrigo, who is now completing the post-production for the film, will once again be available to bring his outstanding storytelling abilities to the ad world. 




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* per Variety