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Sweden's iconic actor, Dag Malberg, as Nils Wendt, in the crime drama series "Springfloden"


A pregnant woman's body is found, buried alive, on the shores of the island of Nordkoster... So begins the murder mystery of "Springfloden", the sensational novel by Cilla BörjlindRolf Börjlind, now a hit series in Scandinavia. The story follows the investigation and travels deep into the Costa Rican rain forrest. 

With a series of episodes that had to be shot on location in the remote forests of Costa Rica as well as in urban areas around San Jose (the capital city), Filmlance (the producers of the series) turned to WONDERFUL to steer it safely through the Central American rain forest. In Costa Rica, our team was joined by Swedish director Pontus Klange along with Finnish cinematographer Benjam Orre on the adventure, along with legendary Swedish actor Dag Malmberg ("The Bridge", "Those In Power"), Danish star Dar Salim ("Game Of Thrones", "Exodus: Gods And Kinds") as well as Chilean actor Patricio Arenas, Spanish actor Ruben Campbell and Costa Rican actor Bernal Garcia.

"Bosques House" with Chilean actor Patricio Arenas. On the right is the basic structure of the house. 

Among the challenges inherent in shooting in the jungle was the need to transport and provide for logistics deep in the rain forrest. Particularly for the scenes involving what came to be known as "Bosques' House" deep in the forest, and "Wendt's House" on a remote Pacific Coast beach. Production designer Carlos Amador Umana began with semi abandoned structures and transformed them into austere yet somehow bucolic retreats for the characters that fit with the roles and that were quite unique. 

(Left) Actor Dag Malmberg in "Wendt House". (Middle) Cinematographer Benjam Orre gets ready to go under the house. (Right) Tide comes in, very appropriate for a series called "Springfloden" (Spring Tide).

In the case of "Bosques House", the shell of the home used was intact, but had to be reinforced in order to accommodate the equipment and produciotn needs, yet it's open nature had one small wall and a tiny room, with the rest of the house being open on the side, afforded angles and an interesting visual look which cinematographer Benjam Orre would have been quite impossible to recreate anywhere else. In the case of the "Wendt House", the need to film from underneath proved an interesting challenge, given that we were right on the water's edge and the tide was not always collaborating with us.


Producer Michel Sassoon relates: "The feel, both on camera and for the actors and crew, a feeling of being in a truly unique place, which these locations gave us, for whatever the challenges held, I believe, comes through clearly in the scenes. This is the magic of filmmaking, the challenges and determination to be authentic and push forward, no matter the hardship. This is precisely what we do: solve things, and exactly why we love what we do!"

Actor Dag Malmberg as Nils Wendt & actor Patricio Arenas with Dag Malmberg.

Aside from the forrest scene, some of the most tense scenes involve Dag Malmber, the legendary actor made world famous by the series "The Bridge". The physical and mental anguish assumed by Dag as he plays a deeply emotionally and distraught man, Nils Wendt, was underlined by the difficulties of filming in the remote coastal areas, where the natural elements, so required to give the series its cinéma verité feel, added to the drama clearly shown on camera. 

Danish actor Dar Salim, as Abbas, is ambushed by hit men in "Wendt's House". 

Also high on the list of gripping moments are the scenes with Danish actor Dar Salim, who plays Abbas El Fassi, an enigmatic character that travels to Costa Rica to find out what happened to Nils Wendt.

His scenes come to a head as he confronts the men who do the dirty work for a local thug.




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* "Springfloden" is a Filmance production. "Springfloden" is currently available in SVT1 (Europe).*