Director Cristina Molino on location in Santa Rosa, California.

Director Cristina Molino on location in Santa Rosa, California.

5 questions for director Cristina Molino

"...I realized that cinema was what I consider to be the most powerful way of expression. I could tell stories through images, moving images in this case, but not only that, I realized that this way of expression is the synthesis of all the arts: literature, photography, music, painting and so on." 

"The set can be a lonely place for a director, you might have a great producer, cinematographer, production designer, writers or creative around you, but ultimately as director, you are looked and judged upon to make the final and best decisions."    -  click to read full interview


August / SEPTEMBER NEWS 2017

1- Can production be Carbon Neutral? 

According to a study done by the Statistic Unit of the British Film Institute (BFI) the average 2015 carbon foot print per film crew member was a staggering 2.69 tons per 8 weeks of work. For a point of comparison, the average Briton's carbon footprint is 7.5 tons per year. Numbers in the U.S. are worse. 

WONDERFUL founders Michel Sassoon and Ana Terc discuss the company's initiative to help curb green house gas emissions, as well as their efforts to become a carbon neutral production company. - click to continue reading.

2- Director Update - Rodrigo Cortés' upcoming feature film "Down A Dark Hall" moves into post-production.

The work of director Rodrigo Cortés will soon be seen, once again, in theaters, in the form of another suspenseful feature film.Cortés, who previously wrote and directed the mega hit "Buried", starring Ryan Reynolds, which gripped audiences with its claustrophobic tension, as well as his follow up "Red Lights" starring Robert Deniro, Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, which showed his Hitchcock-esque mastery of suspense, knows a thing or two about keeping his audience guessing and in constant tension. - click to continue reading.


A pregnant woman's body is found, buried alive, on the shores of the island of Nordkoster... So begins the murder mystery of "Springfloden", the sensational novel by Cilla Böfjilind and Rolf Börjilind, now a hit series in Scandinavia. The story follows the investigation and travels deep into the Costa Rican rain forrest. - click to continue reading.

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