Nico Kreis


  • Maserati - showcases the escapism of the mundane.
  • Nissan conveys sleek design and the exhilaration of the driving experience.
  • Nissan - is a good example of fast pace, visual storytelling, and FX. Also the flexibility of use of the vehicle in the city or nature, to be used as you desire. 
  • Mercedes -  the thrill and joy of vacationing with a loved one in your favorite toy.
  • SG Stern Club - shows the hard work and dedication people go through in a sports club. Action vignette sequences. 
  • Ssang Yong - various camera angles and action shots of the car in a picturesque landscape.
  • Porsche - brand new corporate video.
  • Wohninvest - (NEWLY ADDED) fast edditing, multiple set ups and locations, multiple storylines. 


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