Winner of multiple awards for his work as a screen writer (“Apartment 143”) and as producer ("Grand Piano” starring Elijah Wood and John Cusack). Yet it is his directing work in the feature films ("Red Lights", staring Sigourney Weaver, Cillian Murphy and Robert DeNiro), and his much lauded film (“Buried” starting Ryan Reynolds) that has garnered him world-wide attention and acclaim. As Ann Hornaday writes for The Washington Post in her review of Rodrigo’s work: “...Cortés delivers the kind of immediate experience too often missing in movies that are simply pictures of people talking… represents cinema at its most intensely physical and psychological….Cortés's ingenious visual and sound design are plunged into the protagonist's plight with claustrophobic verisimilitude."

Click here to read the lastest news regarding Rodrigo's upcoming feature film "Down A Dark Hall" Starring Uma Thurman, currently finishing post production.

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