A bed is a place of refuge, a place that is like a womb: protective and nurturing.

Refuge - 

A bed is a nurturing place, very feminine, in the caring sense. Females are very intuitive, so we must be “female” in the way we communicate and intuitively illustrate the sensation that is felt by sleeping/laying on an iComfort bed.

We need to give the audience a way to understand this, to plant the idea of what the iComfort system is and will feel like… that is our challenge and our goal. 

To do this, we of course will showcase some of the features, as in the "gel technology" and illustrate how it conforms to your body (in the next section)... But to convey the product's “sensation” we must take some creative license to also convey to the viewer what the technology is and does for them in a manner that is more visceral than logical, by using a setting, both the interior, as well as its implied exterior setting, to create this sensation.

The Desert - 

A home placed in a setting such as this creates a sensation of being one with the elements: you are inside viewing the natural and somewhat harsh setting, but you are also in a comfortable place.

This in turn creates an wonderful contrast that highlights the protective nature and feeling of a bed. 

Also, by having our home in this type of place, our bed becomes the “hero” of the visual setting, it is the inviting place, the refuge.

The Room - 

Our set (interior) is also important in explaining, highlighting the sensation of the bed and how we should associate it.

Here we are using as a reference the set design of the feature film “Oblivion”. It is a great example of a modern, high end, high tech home.





A space that is both simple in design, yet post modern in its execution can convey as well as imply in one instant (by simple association) that the product featured, in this case the iComfort System, is a modern product, as well as a high end one.



The house/platform used in the film is a beautiful example of post modern architecture, and it creates a wonderful sensation of being outside without being outside.

The elements are around you but you are, as in the iComfort bed, cocooned in a protected place.



It also allows us to be minimalist in the object we place inside. Being very selective in the quality and design features of the furniture and materials we use, also helps us convey a high end feel that will delineate the high quality and high end features of the bed.


Dusk or at least when the light is low, is an ideal light condition for our exterior and will also allows us to have a very special light inside the room,. As seen via the windows, it will also let us see what is in the exterior. 

This bed, as we can imply by still having light outside, is not only a place to sleep, or a place to spend the day and night:. It is a comfort cocoon.

Her -

Our woman should be in her early 30's, and convey a sensuality as well as a mature self assurance. It would be super important to cast someone that is playful, that has an expressive personality. Many times models can be stuck in a certain way of portraying themselves or self-expressing, so we need to find someone that has an expressing and playful way about her.

Her eyes are super important. They are to convey what she cannot convey via words.

Her skin is white, and her hair should be long, the color of her hair is not important, it can be blonde or brown, but having it have some length allows us to see it a be playful with it.

As for her body, she should be slender, but not skinny: an attractive and healthy woman. She takes care of herself, takes care of her home.

Her mate is also in his 30's, and although he is seen less, he should match her elegance and style.


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