A sensation of something alive: that is how the iComfort System can be viewed, as it reacts to contact.

Vision -

Although we are talking about placing the home/room in a particular setting, we are still talking about a studio/stage build and not a location.

Originally it was interesting to think of building the set, room in an actual real location desert, but maybe we can achieve the same sensation, or similar sensation in a studio, and if needed shoot some plates of a background for the windows, to add in post to the area beyond our windows.

The studio would allow for a more controlled atmosphere, even though, the natural setting could be interesting too.

If we approach the cinematography as you can see in the clip we edited for you to get a feel, it will be felt as a product film disguised as a beauty film. We can film several interactions with the bed, contrasting it with intercut fast scenes of our woman, as well as some images (poetic) shots of the surrounding area desert.

Our story has a more linear narrative, of course, but we can still treat it in a non linear style in the moments building up to the hero product interactions.

This edited example is not to illustrate a linear narrative but to showcase a film style, as well as the interactions. It is also very important, I as mentioned when talking about the woman, that we allow ourselves to be playful in how our woman interacts with the camera. 

Also important is how we can shoot the product, so aside from proposing shooting this with a steady-cam for added easy and rapid deployment, it can also help us soften the moves without having to waste time with dolly tracks, etc.

We will also use some high speed photography, particularly during the interactions with the product.


As mentioned before, since its an interesting idea to insert a few scenes (very short) of a desert to contrast it with the room, this can be achieved easily with a very small unit consisting of director, model and DP (and 1st ac) going to the desert to capture a few abstract images to be used to cut with if needed.

As far as lighting is concerned, our light has interesting levels of contrast as well as a color palette that should be elegant and minimally distracting.

We can also work with very shallow lenses to create an interesting separation of elements, as well as light flares and optical aberrations.


The brief “lifestyle” (for lack of a better word) images help build up to our hero shots, the shots of the bed “materializing” around our woman.

Product FX - 

The approach for this is to show them as if they are living matter, atoms of the bed, like particles in the wind, slowly caressing the skin of our model, flowing around and conforming themselves around her body, her back, in a sense, mimicking the actions of the iComfort gels. 

As they move we will show, as somewhat illustrated by the video example to the right, how they contour to the body, and form each distinctive layer of the iComfort System. As they do, we see how each layer reacts and adjusts to our model and her movements. 




A voice over narration, as spoken gently by a woman, would soften the message and give an inviting and warm feeling to the commercial. Given that our main character is a woman, and that the main target for the product are women, this would seem even more appropriate.

The “Imagined” campaign is a clear product showcase. We firmly believe that without diminishing this reality, we can still bring in an illustrative and abstract element in storytelling to help convey the sensation we want the viewer to feel.

I, along with the WONDERFUL team look forward to furthering the ideas presented here, as well as exploring any suggestions and insight the creative team will undoubtedly bring to the table during the prep and shoot.

May we meet soon.




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